BadBoard BadBoard(Automated Badminton Peg Board)


Court Allocation Revolutionised

The Fully Automated Electronic Badminton Peg Board. Stress Free And Blame Free, So You Can Simply Enjoy Your Badminton.

Timer Based And Game Based Videos

David Yammouni of the Melbourne Smashers Badminton Club has put together two very professional and descriptive videos for each of the two modes available within BadBoard.

Timer Based Video Overview


Game Based Video Overview


July 2017
Version is now available. Some important bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. See the download page for full details.
Tennis Club??
BadBoard For Tennis now available click here for full details and to download.
Download Now
BadBoard is now freely available to download and trial. The trial period is for one month, and is a fully functional non restricted version.
St Brigids Badminton Club
St Brigids badminton club in south county Dublin became the first club to formally adopt the BadBoard system as the club standard at their 2013 AGM.