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BadBoard Tennis

Court Allocation Revolutionised

The Fully Automated Electronic Tennis Peg Board. Stress Free And Blame Free, So You Can Simply Enjoy Your Tennis.

Fully Automated Tennis Peg Board

We are all only too aware of the problems, issues and frustrations that a manual peg board system raises. Typically some or all of the following,

  •   BadBoard Tennis Are you fed up with your clubs peg board system?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Are you not getting good opposition?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Are you not getting a good mixture of opposition?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Has the person who is on board duty turned up?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Do they know everyone well enough to make good choices?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Have you been left sitting out while others have not been?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Would you like to be able to view detailed playing statistics?
  •   BadBoard Tennis Do you want a stress free evening where you simply want to play and enjoy?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then you need BadBoard Tennis, the fully automated electronic tennis peg board system. It makes sure you get good opposition and a good mixture of play, it never forgets who you've played against/with and it never forgets when you've sat out.


July 2017
Version is now available. Some important bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. See the download page for full details.
Peg Board For Tennis Idea
As a badminton player and seeing the enormous problems and hassle and stress caused by manual peg boards, I developed the automated peg board originally for badminton clubs. Click here to view the original BadBoard. It was then brought to my attention that tennis clubs have the same peg board problems, so I now offer you BadBoard Tennis.
Download Now
BadBoard Tennis is now freely available to download and trial. The trial period is for one month, and is a fully functional non restricted version.
Badminton Club??
Click here to visit the badminton version.