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The Fully Automated Electronic Tennis Peg Board. Stress Free And Blame Free, So You Can Simply Enjoy Your Tennis.

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Download your one month free trial with absolutely no obligation. It requires any device (laptop, tablet, PC, etc.) that has Microsoft windows as the operating system. Just name the club you're a member of and click on the download button. (Note, club name and location are not mandatory)

July 2017 Version Now Available

In the Game based version, you can now see player images and skill level in brackets in the player selection screen.
You can also set an option to remind the next selector to make their selection after the current selector has made their selection or a game ends if appropriate.
Some bug fixes that were reported have also been added.

To upgrade to Version simply download and run the installer.

Which Version Do I Have?

If you're unsure which version you're running then from within the BadBoard Tennis application click Help -> About BadBoard to reveal the version number.

Security And Trust

For peace of mind the BadBoard installer you're about to download is digitally signed. This is your guarantee that the software is from an independently verified trusted source. However if you still have any doubts or concerns at all regarding it's authenticity, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or by clicking on the Contact menu item above.

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Once you've had a look at the software, please take a moment to give us some feedback whether good bad or indifferent. If you think there's anything lacking in the software that your club would like included then by all means please let us know. You can use the contact form here to send your feedback.

If you feel that the one month trial period is not long enough for your club to complete a thorough evaluation then please contact us.

Version History

November 2016 Version

A seperate window with the unavailable players list can now be opened from the Tools menu. Useful for clubs that are using 2 monitors, and can be easily dragged onto the second monitor for convenience.
You can now automatically adjust the number of ready to play groups in the Game based version, based upon the selection list depth and the number of players available for play. It will then automatically add or remove groups based upon this criteria. To switch this option on go to Administration -> Configuration -> Settings and you will see the option in the Groups Ready To Go On Court section.
Some bug fixes that were reported have also been added.

September 2016 Version

You can now optionally display a confirm dialog when adding or removing a player as some clubs were reporting players being added/removed accidentally. The option is available from the Administration -> Options menu.
Some bug fixes that were reported have also been added.

July 2016 Version

You can now create a report which lists all of the players that are stored in the system. Go to the Tools menu and click Player Download to create this report.
The league team sizes have all been increased to accomodate teams of up to 8 players in length. Grade spread can now be restricted in the Auto Run mode in the Game based version. Some minor bug fixes are also included.

June 2016 Version

You can now pair players who would like to play with each other during a club session in the Game Based mode (Previously only available in the Timer Based mode).
This facility can be found by clicking on Player Pairings under the Administration menu. Some minor bug fixes are also included.

February 2016 Version

Version has just been released with the following addition. The system now has barcode scanning* functionality. There is a barcode generator in the Tools menu where you can generate any players barcode. The player can then simply print their barcode and scan it to add or remove themselves from play. It's instant and also prevents the wrong player from being mistakenly added or removed (and we've all done this).

* Fully tested with Metrologic MS9520 barcode scanner, but will work with any barcode scanner that has keyboard emulation (often referred to as keyboard wedge) capable of reading the barcode symbology Code 128 (fairly certain they all can).

December 2015 Version

Version has just been released with the following new additions. The help files have been updated for both the Timer and Game Based modes.
The percentage report in the Game Based version now includes your winning percentage (if scores are being recorded).

November 2015 Version

The eligibility selection criteria has been tweaked and re-worked due to a small issue which only occurs during very busy sessions.
The percentage report in the Game Based version now includes total games played for each player.
There are also some minor bug fixes included in this version.

October 2015 Version

The Game based mode now has individual court timers which keeps track of the playing time for each game. The playing report in addition to listing all the games for the session now includes how long each game took.
Timing statistics are now recorded for each player and there is also the addition of a percentage report which lists these statistics along with your percentage of playing time.
Due to numerous requests, it's now possible to select three male players and one female player (and vice versa) and the record score option if enabled has been adjusted to be able to reflect this also.
To save space, the unavailable list is now a hidden scrolling panel (unless your resolution is good enough to fit comfortably), to show or hide this list you simply click on the "Show Availability Lists" or "Hide Availability Lists" on the menubar at the top right.

The Timer based mode now has the ability to configure the delay from when times up to the timer counting down again. And it's also possible to change the next pick sound and the times up sound. This feature can be found in the Administration menu under Sound Settings.

Both modes now also have the abilty to change players background colours. It's also now possible to choose different colours for each playing level and have the background colour for each player to reflect their skill level. This feature can be found in the Administration menu under Colour Settings.
A few important bug fixes for the timer version have also been included.

August 2015 Version

You can now backup and restore the entire BadBoard database. This can be very useful for clubs who may need to use different laptops for their sessions, you can simply create a backup file and then restore this onto the second PC. This facility can be found by clicking Backup And Restore from the Tools menu.

There is now also a free licence option for clubs with budget issues. It covers basic court allocation with no additional features or configurable options available.

May 2015 Version
You can now pair players who would like to play with each other during a club session.
This facility can be found by clicking on Player Pairings under the Administration menu. The equal playing time rule and the mixed ratio rule are still observed, but if both players are due on court for the same pick then they will almost always be put out on the same court if they have been paired.

April 2015 Version

You can now select 0 waiting groups.
This can help to mix up the play better if their just happens to be exactly enough players to fill the courts and the waiting groups. Selecting 0 waiting groups for this scenario will prevent the same 4 players finishing a game from being selected together again as they would have been the only 4 available.

March 2015 Version

There are a few improvements to the selection algorithm for the Timer based version.
The search space has been increased and the mathematical calculations have been slightly improved.
There is now an additional rule which helps to balance the situation where there are 3 players of a similar standard and one player of a much weaker/stronger standard.

February 2015 Version

In the Game Based version, you can now drag players from the available grid directly onto the courts. This is to facilitate start of evening play where players go onto courts before the system is started so you can reflect this in the system quickly after startup.
You can also now sort the unavailable players by first name in addition to surname (the default ordering).

January 2015 Version

Configurable selection rules have been added into the Game Based version. They can be used to spread the play more evenly, and prevent players from always playing with the same players. When used, these rules can be enforced or they can be suggested, or can also be left switched off.
In the Timer Based version, if your club has courts that are in a different room to the main playing area (outside courts) and you'd like players currently playing on these courts not to be allocated back there on the next pick, you can now mark these courts in Court Administration as outside courts, which will prevent this scenario.
Some minor bug fixes have also been included in this release.

January 2015 Version

The rules have been relaxed in the Game Based version for the scenario where only one player of either sex is available to play. Previously the player would not have been eligible to play as the system would prevent one player of one sex and three of the other being selectable.

December 2014 Version

There is now some advanced timer settings available for the Timer based version. Additional time can now be automatically adjusted up or down based upon resources (number of courts and number of players). See the advanced timer options which is available from the Administration -> Settings screen within BadBoard.

October 2014 Version

A handy court zoom feature is now available in the Timer Based version. When the next pick is made a window containing an enlarged view of the courts with a much larger font for easy visibility of who's playing on each court is now automatically displayed for a set period of time. This feature can also be easily accessed via the Zoom Courts button located on the timer panel at any time, simply click the button. There is also now a configurable singles option for the Game Based version.

September 2014 Version

A signigicant enhancement has been made to the selection algorithm in the Timer Based simulation, which I would urge all clubs using the Timer Based Simulation to update asap. A much stronger emphasis is put on trying to address the scenario where there is a "poorly" balanced selection of players placed onto a court, which can happed due to the system rules. Where possible, this is now rectified whilst still remaining true to the system rules.

August 2014 Version

In the Timer Based simulation, when a player arrives for play and makes themself available, they are automatically placed at the bottom of the available list regardless of the time remaining on the timer. It's now possible to configure the system to let players move up the available list if for example the timer has just begun.
In the Game Based simulation it's now possible to move populated courts up and down if for example players go onto the wrong court and you'd like the system to reflect this, then you can move them. It's also now possible to "pause" yourself if you're in the available list making you unavailable for selection without losing your place in the queue when you're ready to continue, simply right click your name and select "Pause My Play" and when ready to continue right click and select "Continue My Play".

July 2014 Version

You can now mark a player as a guest. They will be highlighted in yellow on the main screen, and will have a number in brackets beside their name indicating how many times they've played in the club as a guest. It's also possible in the player admin screen to add comments/notes to a players details. Switching players and the drag drop funtions can now be optionally set so that only an administrator can perform them, this option is available from the Administration -> Configuration -> Options screen.
Some bug fixes are also included.

June 2014 Version

You can now save and load profile layouts, e.g. if you have a different number of courts and or court names on different club nights, you can now save and load these profiles rather than having to adjust them each club night.

There is now an option to remove gender as mandatory when adding a player. This setting can be configured in the Administration -> Configuration -> Options screen.

There is now also a payments system for clubs that operate on a pay for play basis. Once activated you then clearly see via a new clickable icon who has paid and who hasn't paid. A payments report is also available that lists all players who attended the session and whether or not they paid and a grand total. The payments settings and report are available via the Administration menu.
Some minor bug fixes are also included.

June 2014 Version

You can now add a players photo into the system. This will show up as a mini image to the left of their name, with a larger image viewable by clicking on the mini image. Players photos can be added in the Player Administration screen.
You can now choose to save reports to CSV or Plain Text where previously you could only save to Excel. Also a few size adjustments have been made to certain screen resloutions, giving an overall improved look than previously. Some minor bug fixes also included.

May 2014 Version

The court names can be changed so that they don't have to be indexed from 1. You can now have the 10 skill levels represented by letters or numbers, and the game based version now remembers who is in the waiting to play grids if you restart for any reason.

February 2014 Version

Significant improvements have been made to the selection process in terms of better balanced selections. The system rules, system settings and court administration screens have been given a new look and feel. Detailed descriptions of what the rules actually mean with examples have also been added.

February 2014 Version

Lots of bug fixes for the game based simulation and new features have been added for the game based simulation.

January 2014 Version

You can now configure the system to have no mixed play in the system settings. There has also been a minor tweak to the selection algorithm that gives a very small but welcome improvement.

January 2014 Version

You can now configure in the system settings the time until the next pick, by default it's 1 minute (timer version only). There has also been a minor bug fix regarding the zero setting for the played against rule.

November 2013 Version

Detailed statistics reports are now available on a per player basis for any club play in the past 6 months. Playing and percentage reports are also available for the past 6 months (timer version only).

October 2013 Version

A major new feature has been added, a game based peg board (as opposed to the timer based version). To upgrade or try Version simply download and run the installer.
* Note: If you have a previous version installed simply go to the System Settings from the Administration menu and select Peg Board Simulation type (Timer based or Game based).

September 2013 Version

Version now caters for clubs with up to 16 courts (previous version could only cater for 8 max). This is the only change for this release, so if you've downloaded a previous version and your club has 8 or less courts, then this update is not required.


July 2017
Version is now available. Some important bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. See the download page for full details.
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As a badminton player and seeing the enormous problems and hassle and stress caused by manual peg boards, I developed the automated peg board originally for badminton clubs. Click here to view the original BadBoard. It was then brought to my attention that tennis clubs have the same peg board problems, so I now offer you BadBoard Tennis.
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